Self Driving Cars: COMING SOON

Self Driving Vehicles

Self Driving Cars: COMING SOON

Technology in vehicles is at an a whole new level that you never would have expected 20 years ago, so what could be next? A car that drives itself….obviously. This might seem like technology that will only be available several several years from now but thanks to Ford you might not have to wait that much longer. Ford's goal is to have high-volume, fully autonomous vehicles on the road by the year 2021. Not just for distribution but for ride-hailing and ride-sharing services, just enter your destination and let the car do the rest.

Mark Fields the CEO of Ford recently pointed out that the nature of ownership is changing. More people are sharing transportation allowing vehicles to be used more efficiently decreasing pollution, traffic and time spent searching for a parking spot. This makes commuting a more enjoyable experience for everyone and can decrease the impact vehicles leave on our environment. Leading to more freedom than has ever been available: “Autonomous vehicles will open up opportunities for the elderly, people with disabilities and people not yet old enough to drive themselves.”

Though a car that drives itself is a big change from what is normal and expected Ford thinks that people will catch on quickly. “When we first came out with anti-lock brakes, a lot of people were unsure about them,” says Ford Senior Technical Leader Jim McBride, “but then it became obvious that they were far superior to humans in braking.” We at Capital Ford of Hillsborough are thrilled to see Ford continue to lead the industry in innovation and push the boundaries in what is expected in the automobile industry.

Source: Ford